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To stay with the best, you have to trade as the best and this means high yield performances. SHAPPS will offer a wide range of engaging opportunities to enjoy your route to success.

Access to the fastes growing economic sector

SHAPPS provides a reserved access to a double digit growing market, you will be inside the real engine of the new economy and you will test a new way to make money: trading won’t be the same anymore.

Quarterly cash-in (dividends)

Think to a new asset class with the volatility of stocks, a regular dividend flow like a bond, a strong potential for market value increase… all in one.
This is what SHAPPS deals with.

Assets diversification

Size, geography, category, developer, stage. And if that is not enough, SHAPPS has also organized all the apps in three main categories:

  • Income — mature apps with a consolidated flow of revenues
  • Growth — apps with strong potential for growth, in terms of revenues and users
  • Star — apps with high level of revenues and still potential for growth

High visibility on revenue strength

You would not like to invest in something you can not control in details.
SHAPPS will provide you all the instruments needed to monitor trends and status of your investments and their terrific equity stories.