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SHAPPS The First Apps-trading Global Exchange

We are a globally unique platform that allows companies and developers to raise money and investors to find new exciting opportunities.

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Shapps for Traders

Apps are simply the ultimate tradable tech properties: don't miss out!

Self-defined disciplined Investors are struggling to find ways to beat markets; they focus on forex, equities, bonds and they all pretend to be better that the rest of the world.

In a pure redistribution game, they are striving to outpace better informed, better trained, better equipped competitors, uneventful.

A new breed of forward-looking investors look for solid unlevered growth, tech advantages, smart management and impressive time to market capabilities.

Treat yourself, join SHAPPS world!

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Shapps for Developers

To stay ahead of the curve you need more than unparalleled, brilliant, brain power. Get started now.

Investors don’t know you but they desperately need you, your friends, your sharp vision, because they want to make money.

They thank you for existing and are ready to fund your disruptive business sense.

Get them on board, join SHAPPS world!

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A Brand-New uncharted Market,
an exciting way to make money!

The New Era of Fund Raising
for Apps Developers.

Access to the fastest
economic sector.